Free Lifetime Warranty and Cleaning

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

At Novita Diamonds we take a lot of pride in using the best possible materials and elite workmanship. All of our products are hand finished to the highest standards. Our aim for all our customers, is that they receive a lifetime of enjoyment out of their jewellery. For this reason, every item we create will undergo a high-standard quality control test before being delivered.

If for any reason you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, please contact us. One of our team members will analyse the possible error.

If it is determined that the defect/damage has not been caused by a manufacturing defect, we will notify you and let you know if repair services are available at a cost or otherwise.

Free Cleaning and Inspection Services on all Diamond Rings

Bring your ring into any one of our showrooms for a free lifetime cleaning and inspection service. Being in the industry for 3 generations, we understand that jewellery and diamond jewellery in particular look a whole lot more beautiful when they are nice and clean. Please check which showroom is closest to you for this free service.

Our complimentary cleaning service includes a high powered ultrasonic clean which removes the dirt from underneath the setting and on the diamond. This will bring your diamond to sparkle again like the day you bought it. For a more through clean such as as a polish which removes the scratches on the ring and rhodium plating for white gold which makes the white gold brighter, there is an additional charge. Please enquire with our team as to what the charges are for a full clean service.

Conditions and Exclusions

You must be the original purchaser to utilise this service.

Certain things not covered by this warranty (but not limited to) are: