Free Shipping Both Ways With Express Post Platinum

Novita Diamonds offers free Express-Post Platinum / Courier Delivery for all Australian orders, no matter the order size. To make your Novita Diamonds purchasing experience hassle and stress-free, we also offer Free returns for all orders here in Australia!

Delivery times will vary depending on the item that you order. Some items will be ready for same-day delivery, other items may take up to 21 days to be shipped. We also offer the option to pick up your order from any of our showrooms here in Australia and overseas.

Novita Diamonds appreciates that amongst our many customers there are those purchasing items for special occasions such as a marriage proposal, birthday or anniversary gift etc. who may wish to keep their purchase a secret until the time is right. We’re glad to assist you in having your items delivered maintaining that ever so important element of surprise. Please contact us if this is the case for your order and our team will be happy to help organise it.

Shipping Policies

For our customer’s protection, Novita Diamonds ensures:

There are no customs fees or import duties.

Due to Novita Diamonds shipping from within Australia, you will not be charged customs fees or import duties. Be wary when ordering from companies based outside of Australia as any order over $1,000 will automatically incur a customs fee, GST and on jewellery; an extra import duty fee of 5% will apply.

In the extremely unlikely event that your order is tampered with or lost during shipment, you will need to report this to Novita Diamonds within 5 days of receiving your tracking number.

Due to reasons regarding insurance, we cannot reroute packages after they have been shipped from Novita Diamonds.

If you have any questions about our shipping processes, please contact us.