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Precious Metal Guide

At Novita we are proud to use the highest grade of alloys for our engagement rings and jewellery. This is why our master jewellers only use 18ct gold or platinum in the manufacturing of our timeless pieces. This guide will help you choose which precious metal is right for your dream diamond ring or jewellery.

Platinum 950

This is our preference for engagement rings and wedding bands due to its beauty, durability and naturally lustrous white look. Platinum is a rare and valuable precious metal. Its rich and even white colour magnifies the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds that are set in this metal.

Contrary to 18ct white gold, platinum requires less maintenance as it will never fade or change colour. Pieces in platinum are more costly than 18ct white gold due to more labour required in the manufacturing. Platinum is more dense and uses a higher purity (95%)

Platinum Metal

18ct White Gold

White gold is a good alternative to platinum, due to its similar white appearance, and less cost. 18ct gold has 75% gold and 25% other metals that give it a white colour and make it stronger. Our 18ct white gold pieces are finished with a plating of Rhodium which is a very rare metal that gives a white shiny finish.

18ct white gold is a strong metal however over time it may develop a slightly yellow undertone. This is because gold is naturally yellow and to make white gold, the natural yellow gold needs to be mixed with white colour metals. Therefore it needs to be re-rhodium plated every few years to restore the ring to its original beauty.

gold Metal

18ct Yellow Gold

Yellow is the natural colour of gold. 18ct yellow gold has 75% gold and is mixed with other metals to give it strength, maintaining its classic look and makes it ideal for lifetime of wear.

yellow-gold Metal

18ct Rose Gold

Rose gold also known as pink gold or red gold is made from 75% gold and 25% copper that gives it a pink tone while adding strength. The result is a pink gold colour that suits many styles and skin tones. Rose gold is as strong as yellow gold and it will never rust or tarnish.

rose-gold Metal
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