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Lab Grown Diamonds Australia

Based and located in the heart of every capital city in Australia, we have all your needs and the market covered by stocking Over 2400 Lab grown diamonds In Australia. Locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Parramatta (NSW).

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The Only Locally Based Company to Stock. Over 2400 Lab Grown Diamonds in Australia

Novita Diamonds, a comprehensive guide:
What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds offer an ethically superior option to traditional mined diamonds. Using state-of-the-art technology, they are crafted for a fraction of the cost – up to 75% cheaper than natural diamonds. The production process mirrors the natural formation of diamonds, requiring heat, pressure, and carbon, yet achieves this in mere weeks. These lab diamonds possess all the qualities of natural diamonds, both visually and chemically, but without the hefty price tag.

Identical To A Mined Diamond

Even the best gemmologists in the
world can’t tell the difference.

Eco-Friendly And Conflict Free

The most ethical choice when
buying a diamond.

Best Value For Money

A bigger and better diamond
for a fraction of the cost.

The Most Trusted Lab Grown Diamond Retailer in Australia

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Why buy Novita lab grown diamonds?

Originating in Australia as one of the global pioneers, Novita Diamonds now stands as the unparalleled leader in the lab created diamond industry both in Australia and internationally, spanning 9 countries with 16 showrooms. If you're in the market for a man made diamond in Australia, either for personal use or as a gift, we warmly invite you to schedule a visit to one of our conveniently located showrooms across the nation.

What makes buying lab grown diamonds from Novita special?

As a female-owned and operated enterprise, we take immense pride in having a workforce comprising over 85% women. Under the visionary leadership of our CEO and founder, Iris Arnold, we are committed to delivering first-rate quality products. Our robust business model, focused on exceptional customer service, offers wholesale diamond prices directly to consumers and operates dedicated locations throughout Australia. This approach has positioned Novita as the top choice in the Australian market. Thanks to our significant purchasing power, we procure our diamonds straight from global manufacturers, guaranteeing that our clients receive only the highest quality diamonds at the most competitive prices. Our team of expert master jewellers is devoted to crafting exquisite, top-quality lab grown diamond engagement rings that are truly unparalleled.

Why is Novita Diamonds the Best Place to Buy lab diamonds in Australia?

We invite you to explore our stores situated in the central areas of all major cities across Australia, or opt for the contemporary, efficient experience of finding your ideal engagement ring via our sophisticated and easy-to-navigate website. On our site, you have the luxury of perusing and selecting from a vast collection of over 2400 locally available lab grown diamonds, and choosing from more than 120 premium ring designs . In addition to our extensive selection, we take pride in offering personalized services for custom made engagement rings, tailored to your unique design ideas. Our rings are locally crafted to the highest standards of quality and are available in a variety of materials including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

How much does do lab diamond cost?

On average, selecting for lab grown diamonds can lead to savings of about 75-80%, making them significantly more economical than mined diamonds. For instance, a 1.00CT D VS1 lab grown diamond is priced at only $1,089, which is approximately 80% less than its natural diamond equivalent. This substantial price difference is a key reason why an increasing number of consumers are turning towards lab grown diamonds. Take another example: a 2.00CT E VS1 lab grown diamond costs just $2,816. To explore the thousands of diamonds we have readily available in Australia, we encourage you to visit our select a diamond page .

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• Are lab grown diamonds real?

Lab grown diamonds are unquestionably real diamonds, created through identical chemical and physical processes that occur in the earth, but in a controlled lab environment. Here, a diamond seed crystal is the basis, gradually growing as carbon atoms are added. Scientifically, lab made diamonds are the same as natural ones in chemical, physical, and optical properties, affirming their status as real diamonds. IGI and GIA, both leading authorities on diamonds and pearls, grade lab created diamonds using the same criteria as mined diamonds. For more insights, visit our lab diamonds guide.

• How much cheaper are lab diamonds?

Laboratory grown diamonds are typically around 75% less expensive than earth-mined diamonds. The specific price difference varies based on factors like size, quality, and diamond type, but it’s generally known that lab diamonds in Australia are about 75% cheaper than their natural counterparts. This price discrepancy is due to the lower cost of producing lab grown rough stones compared to mining and extracting rough natural diamonds. However, both types of diamonds undergo the same post-extraction processes to become retail-ready, including cutting, polishing, and certification, regardless of whether they originate from a mine or a lab. For instance, a natural diamond that costs $10,000 would have an equivalent lab created counterpart in Australia priced at around $2,500.

• Do lab diamonds test as diamonds?

Man made diamonds and mined diamonds are indistinguishable; they undergo the same testing methods as natural diamonds. Both types of stones are identical in their chemical, physical, and optical properties, meaning they display the same characteristics when subjected to tests. These shared properties include hardness, refractive index, thermal conductivity, and other unique diamond traits, applicable to both mined and lab made diamonds.

• Do lab grown diamonds have inclusions?

Just like their natural counterparts, most lab diamonds also contain inclusions. Inclusions are natural imperfections found within diamonds, occurring in both lab grown and natural diamonds. These inclusions can manifest in various forms, such as small bubbles or carbon deposits, trapped inside the diamond during its formation. Similar to natural diamonds, the majority of lab created diamonds have flaws, with only a small fraction achieving a flawless status. For a deeper understanding of diamond clarity, we encourage you to explore our 4Cs guide.

• Can I insure lab grown diamond rings?

Absolutely, you can insure a lab made diamond in the same manner as a mined diamond. In Australia, lab created diamonds are regarded equivalently to mined diamonds, allowing them to be insured under the same terms. Insurance for these diamonds can be obtained through a specialized jewellery insurance policy. This policy generally covers the costs of replacing or repairing your ring in cases of loss, theft, or damage. It's important to thoroughly understand the coverage provided by your insurance policy, including what is and isn't covered, by carefully reading its terms.

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