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Sep 21, 2021
Industry Must Read
Proudly Women Owned and Led!
A little-known fact about Novita Diamonds, which is not widely publicised, is that the Founder and Director is a female and majority of the management team is female. 

So how is it any different from any of the run of the mill diamond or jewellery companies? What you might not have known is that the vast majority of the established diamond brands are owned or run by men, in fact since inception the jewellery industry has been male dominated. 

To give you a full appreciation of the context, we will need to start at the beginning. Iris Arnold, the Founder and Director of Novita Diamonds, has throughout her extensive career, observed first-hand how old and established diamond companies, have utilised the same business model for decades. 

Most customers are often first-time buyers and don't know nearly enough about the industry to make informed and savvy decisions, and sellers of diamonds have relied on this as part of their business model. 

At Novita Diamonds there has been a philosophy from day one that building customer knowledge enhances the experience for everyone.

100% of Management and 85% of the Workforce are Women

Positive fundamental change always starts from the ground up level, which is why every single employee, 85% of which are women, have been exhaustively vetted to ensure that they are passionate and fully committed to Novita Diamonds' sole mission of providing customers with the best possible experience. 

Learning from the challenges customers have faced in dealing with many established brands, Iris went to great lengths to cultivate a culture of confidence and personal responsibility among her staff. At NOVITA anyone can and is encouraged to voice their opinion and influence the direction of the company.

The results of such an innovative type of management have already differentiated us from our competition and allowed us to thrive. One of our employees earliest unanimously agreed-upon decisions and backed by Iris was that Novita Diamonds would exclusively deal with lab grown diamonds. Besides the obvious ethical reasons like being environmentally friendly and free from slave labour, lab grown diamonds provide unparalleled value to our customers, enabling them to afford larger and higher quality stones that they might not otherwise be able to buy. 

Novita Diamonds philosophy of empowering our workforce has allowed us to focus on aspects that truly matter and make a positive difference. Traditional high street jewellery stores spend an exorbitant amount of money renting prime locations to wow and impress prospective customers. At Novita Diamonds, we do the exact opposite. Providing a focused and streamlined online shopping experience and restricting visits to appointments to quiet and calm locations enables our passionate agents to do what they do best: guide the customers towards the perfect purchase without pressuring or upselling them. The decision-making inclusivity extends to the new ring and jewellery designs. By involving our workforce in approving what new designs gets released, every new launch is guaranteed to be sensible and bring value to customers.   

At Novita Diamonds, we are so confident with our workforce structure and management style that as we expand our presence into major cities, we will keep empowering and employing a majority woman workforce to maintain our competitive edge and focus on what's important: the experience of our customers. Find out more on our story page.