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How to keep your proposal a secret
May 12, 2021

A surprise proposal has always been high up in every women’s list, find easy to follow tips and what to avoid to make sure your proposal is one she will love telling all of her girlfriends, family and even the grandkids. 

Common mistakes to avoid 

Don’t use your credit/debit card if she has any way of checking your card/bank account balance. Hiding a purchase of that size without her realising your

account balance took a big hit all of the sudden, could be the giveaway that you are up to something. However this is only if she has access to it, if she doesn’t then you have nothing to worry about.


Ask your parents or siblings to use their card or lend you the money to make the purchase and pay them back afterwards.

If possible, best not to tell her best friends or sister,

over the years we have come across multiple times where by clumsiness, her girlfriends or sister told other friends and those friends told other friends and so on, you know where we are going with this! Next thing the surprise is ruined. 


Tell as few of the people she knows as possible. Her parents may need to know of course but no one else unless you need them to help you with the proposal. For this, it’s best to rely on your friends for this. 

Clear your browser history and cookies.

Most companies install a type of tracker without you knowing when you visit their website. Afterwards you will see their diamond ring ads popping up like unwanted pimples everywhere. This is called re-marketing and it’s connected via google to millions of sites and to all your devices. This is definitely a big giveaway and a very annoying one when trying to keep an engagement a secret. LUCKY for you, our marketing team understand this and does not use any type of re-marketing, to prevent this from happening. 


If you visit sites other than Novita, you will need to clear your history/cache every time after visiting those sites to uninstall the trackers.

Your daily routine changes,

this one is a major mistakes a lot of guys don’t think about. If you are buying a diamond engagement ring in store you must know that a visit to one of our showroom usually goes for 30 minutes to an hour. Then you need to factor in travel time parking etc. most people only need one visit but if you need a second or even a third, all those sudden times that you are missing from being home are unwanted clues. Now when you think of one or more clues we have mentioned here, they might be the final piece of the puzzle she needs to put two and two together. 


Visit us during a time where you are meant to be doing something already like being at work, or wait till she is away doing something. For example, if she goes out for dinner with her girlfriends, you can always visit us at night during the week. Engagement rings MelbourneEngagement rings Sydney.