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How to clean my engagement ring and diamond jewellery
Dec 10, 2020
Cleaning your Diamond engagement ring and the jewellery is a lot easier than most people think. This post will cover a range from the easiest to the most complicated ways to go about it.

Why does your jewellery start looking dirty?

It mainly happens because diamonds tend to attract oil and grease that comes from hand creams, body lotions, or moisturisers, and sunscreens to name a few. The oils and other ingredients in those products will create a layer of grease and deposits (?) taking away the shininess and sparkle of your jewellery, especially the diamonds. 

The easiest and the most practical way to clean your diamond ring and jewellery.

The easiest and the most convenient way we have found to clean your diamond ring and jewellery is to do it while washing your dishes at home. Use the softest toothbrush you can find, fill a cup with warm water adding a dash or two of dishwashing liquid to it. Using a soft toothbrush gently clean your jewellery. Especially the spot underneath the diamond - give it a good but gentle brush. Depending on how dirty it is, it might take from 10-40 seconds of brushing.
Tip: You can clean your jewellery as often as you like but remember to do it gently to avoid leaving scratches.
Tip: If you haven´t cleaned your jewellery for a while, it might have built up a significant amount of dirt. Still not a problem - just leave it in boiling water with some dishwashing liquid for 5 minutes before brushing it.

Ultrasonic cleaning

This is not the most convenient cleaning method as it requires an ultrasonic cleaning machine. We´ll cover different options here and explain how it works.

An ultrasonic machine works by vibrating at a high frequency while your jewellery is subdued in water. These vibrations start breaking down any residues that have built up over time. This type of machine makes a noise that could be quite irritable to some people. 

Option 1

Get yourself an ultrasonic machine. Online it´s offered for roughly $40 + posting. It´s extremely easy to use and is quite long-lasting. It only needs water and a bit of dishwashing liquid. Yet, we do recommend getting familiar with the instruction for use.

Option 2

Take your jewellery to a local jeweller. You can find places where it´s free of charge.

Tip: Any simple ultrasonic machine will be effective enough.

Tip: For a better result always use a dash or two of a dishwashing detergent.

Tip: Do not use an ultrasonic machine to clean your watch as the ultrasonic vibrations can damage it.